My first personal Artbook which I have been working on since the last few months is finally done.

The idea of creating my own little art book that showcases who I am as an Artist was something I have been thinking about for quite a while.
I wanted to take a minimalistic approach to the overall book by not having a variety of Colors/Characters etc. Therefore, I decided to go with the classic Black and White color theme.

This is where I decided to use my personal project named “Crysis Resurgence” to demonstrate all my above expertise and interests. I created a fan art of the Nano-Suit from the game Crysis, that was assembled using various 3d Kitbash assets alongside with a bit of 3D modeling. As mentioned earlier about not having a variety of elements in the book. I just wanted to create the pages using just the 3D Model, Texts and different shapes and see how many variations I can come up with. And that is exactly what you will see in this artbook.

I have attached a few slides from the book as well. I will post the rest of the images on a separate post.

P.S - This book is not for sale/distribution and is solely meant to represent my skills as an artist in a physical form.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. :)

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